Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A photo collection of Tovah's first month!

My FAVORITE Iphone picture moments....First time mom style (I know, I'm embracing it!)

Tovah girl, you are our pride and joy! Our greatest LOVE.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Late night cravings!

I guess cravings can hit even at 30 weeks! I am not proud of this, but I am human. LOL! My cousin Bryn and sister Stacey caught me in a moment of weakness and all I can do is LAUGH!

Baby Tovah is growing big and strong and I am so proud of her. :)  Maybe it's all that Arctic Circle?!  This is my 32 week ultrasound and Doc said she's "BIG".   Can you see her?  I know most people can't tell what they're looking at in an ultrasound when it's not their baby, but if you can see it, she is a true gerber baby already. Can't wait to kiss those chunky cheeks!

I am starting to feel really anxious to meet little Tovs and see what she looks like.  But mostly to breathe again and wear a size....well let's just say a size smaller than what I'm currently squished, pushed and squeezed in to. Tui keeps saying, "Don't they have maternity garments?" my reply, "yes, Tui.  I am wearing them.  And I've bought new ones every month for 9 months."  LOL!  I refuse to buy anything else until after this little girl gets here. 

Anyway,  every morning is a pep talk, but I am so in love with Tovah and I know there are so many people who love her and can't wait for her to get here.  Technically 6 weeks, but let's be honest. Like any new mom I am wishing her here early.  Can a woman's stomach really stretch that much bigger?? eesh.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Celebrating 3 Years!

On July 19th, 2008 I was sealed for all time and eternity to Tui W. Auva'a!

I remember, while waiting to head into the sealing room,  having so much excitement for the day and so many nerves (sweating profusely) at the same time that I was almost having a panic attack.  I remember looking over at Tui, composed and still as a rock, I took his hand and while I was about to ask him if he was as nervous/excited/in love/sweaty/scared etc... as I was, he just calmly looked into my eyes and said, "relax, everything will be fine. I love you."

As it would turn out the next 3 years would be filled with this daily reminder from my husband, who is that man no matter what.  Confident, collected and because of the foundation of the gospel he teaches me everyday just that.  To relax and everything will be fine.  More than anything, along with the gospel, Tui is my rock, and he guides our family (soon to be 3) each and everyday.

I am so grateful, I have so much joy and I am so in love with you Tui.  Thank you for filling my life with purpose and love each day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh Baby!

I realize I have been a total slacker in updating my personal blog. I am sad about this. There have been so many exciting things in the last little bit so here is the run down.

First off, we're EXPECTING!

Now these are some dancer legs!! Sorry Tui.

It's A GIRL!!!

Her name will be Tovah Teuila Auva'a
We can't wait to meet her! Exact due date is October 4th. 2011

Here we are headed to Zumba around 19 weeks.

And here we are about 24 weeks.

Last, just chillin' in the car. :)
So weird looking down at a belly all the time now.  
But, AWESOME when she's kicking around in there especially when the music is bumpin'.
Love her.

I'm 26 weeks this week and not looking forward to the 28 week Glucose test or my shot for being 0- blood type, but gotta do it.
We'll be getting the nursery put together in the next few weeks and I am so excited.  Can't wait for my mom to be here to help me get everything ready. Nothing like having a pro around at times like these.  Or just anytime. Love you mom.

Next, B and I just go back from a very fun adventure to visit Stacey for a few days and attend the Bruno Mars concert.  Lots of memories made (check out Stacey's blog for the full story), but I will share a few favorite photos from the trip.

Poolside! L O V E

My regular cupcake stop on the way to Viva Elvis. Tradition.

The girls!!

Can you guess what happened next?!?! ugh.

PLEASE get us to Bruno someone...anyone....okay. NOT anyone.

Enjoyed LOTS of good food thanks to B making sure we found the HOT spots.

LOVE YOU DAD! Happy Father's day.

Last,  Charlie and Teisa and Kingston bear (Tui's Brother, wife and our niece we hadn't met yet from Hawaii) stayed at the house for a few weeks and we had SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely cherished getting to spend time with them all but especially that Kingston.  Who couldn't just fall in LOVE with this little girl?!

Bentley's new best friend! :)

Hangin' with the cousins! So fun to have them all together.
We spent lots of late nights enjoying time, talking, eating and playing games all together. Memories to cherish forever.

We miss you so much already Kingston bear and Charlie and Teisa too! :) xoxo

Well, that just about sums up the last little bit.  I'll post all of our upcoming fun summer updates more regularly now that I'm back at it.
Love you all,